You know as well as I that this viral video could've gone down in Northern Colorado.

It's a road rage incident near L.A. between a motorcyclist and a car.  It starts when the cyclist kicks the car, and then the car swerves into the cyclist but mostly misses.

Instead, the car hits a retaining wall, loses control, and then spins back into traffic where it hits a pickup truck that rolls over.

The cyclist escapes all the chaos and keeps riding away.  The pickup driver suffered minor injuries and everyone else is okay.

I've been around the country quite a bit, and while Northern Colorado drivers collectively seem the most inattentive of anywhere I've seen, it seems to be countered with a lack of road rage - so that's good.

To keep it that way, how about knocking off the damn tailgating?

It doesn't matter what's going on or what road I'm on, I consistently drive four miles per hour over the speed limit.  And I get ridden all the time.  I'm sorry, but if you're hanging on the back bumper of someone who's doing MORE than the speed limit?  You suck.  I am usually running behind, trying to cram three days of stuff into one, just like you are.  The difference is, I try not to make it your problem.  Am I alone on this?

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