By now, we're all wondering if everyone is trying to get their own reality show by starting drama inside airplanes!  It started with the doctor being drug off a United flight several weeks back because the plane was overbooked and he refused to leave.  Since then there have been fist fights, airline help being abusive to a mother with her baby, and it just goes on!

This quick video brings some much needed hope to the situation:

Leave it to Denver to host a little comeback of public humanity in the airline industry.

A Southwest pilot flying out of Denver has kept track of how many passengers he has flown over 22 years working for the airline.  When he recently got to his one millionth, he gave her some unexpected rewards: a bottle of champagne and an envelope full of cash to pay for her ticket.

TSA Screens Passengers At Denver International Airport
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His name is John Richie.  He started off in the Air Force, flying F-16s.

My wife happened to fly out of Denver on Southwest this past weekend.  I wonder how close she was to being that millionth passenger on his plane!  That information exists, but we will never know.

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