We had an awesome relative (not being sarcastic) in town for the weekend.  She had to know about the oysters and great beer at Black Bottle Brewery.  Wait, no she didn't because there wasn't ONE parking spot on the entire property that houses those couple strip malls.  Perhaps a record-breaking birthday bash attendance at Chuck-E-Cheese?

We thought, "Hey, let's check out Maxline Brewing!"  Cute establishment, but a bit tight for six, including three little ones.

As I mentioned while squeezing the minivan out of that tiny lot, we were over complicating this.  My lady, who is my consistent problem solver, having the one thought that I can't seem to reach, reminded me that there is a brewery way closer to where we live, and we could avoid that Mason/Prospect-like mess and get this done.

We introduced ourselves to Intersect Brewing.  Tucked away in the corner of a couple more strip mall thingees off of Drake & Taft Hill, I literally had to look for it, even though I've known forever that there is a brewery there.  You have to "know" that it's back a ways between these two buildings.  I love that.

Here's why I'll be back:

  • It has a big play area that my girls (ages 8, 8, and 6) love.
  • The place is gigantic.  Huge, wrap-around bar, long tables, or if you choose, fun little whiskey-barrel tables, or even big couches on which to chill.
  • Music!  With me, you can't go wrong if you have lots of album covers on the wall, and I'm a sucker for whoever makes all those clocks out of colored records.  I can't believe I haven't spent the $40 for one yet.  And they played okay stuff while we were there.  Not sure about live tuneage there, but there's definitely space.
  • A large patio that looks fun and backs up to a non-industrial-feeling area.
  • It would take us 15 minutes to ride our bikes to it, as it's right off Spring Creek Trail.
  • Beer that doesn't suck.  I tend to be more about the coffee porters and I.P.A.s, and less about the lagers and lighter-colored brews.  But none of them gave me this face:
Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM


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