People mentioned this man was in Beaver's Market before he went and started this fire, and that he had been acting weirdly there, making everyone in the place uncomfortable.  That considered, I think it's better he did this than what could've happened.

Still - what the ??????

9 News Denver
9 News Denver

Thankfully, it didn't take long for hikers in Coyote Ridge Natural Area to see Edgar Almond walking around with a propane torch and "acting oddly."

Also strange - but at least it was an easy surrender and a peaceful ending - Almond was still there when police showed up.  He admitted he started the fire, turned around, and put his hands over his head.  He's now being held on charges of 2nd degree arson and wreckless endangerment.

This is just one more example of why I would like to see mental health treatment offered more freely for anyone who is in need.  Thank goodness this didn't turn out any worse.


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