You know you're drunk when you start slurring your words.  You know you're REALLY drunk when you start slurring your writing.

A 53-year-old guy was drinking and snowmobiling last month near Aspen.  And when he got back to his car, he realized someone parked him in.  Or at least he thought they did.

There was plenty of room for him to get out.  But he thought they were too close to his car, so he started smashing up their truck with a BASEBALL BAT.

Someone saw him do it and made him leave a note before he left.  In the note, he said he was sorry, and that he had anger issues.

But he spelled "sorry" with two Y's, and the word "issues" wasn't even close.  He spelled it I-S-U-S-E-S-H.  (So you'd pronounce it something like, ISS-you-sesh.)

Apparently he had no problem getting out of the parking spot, because he drove off after that.  Cops finally tracked him down earlier this month.  He's facing charges for felony criminal mischief.

Don't d & d, umkaaaaay???


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