Endurance, strength, drive and focus are all key aspects to the sport of football — and not only do the players possess these traits, but the coaches who work with them everyday as well. A perfect example of this, is Kelsey Martinez, a CSU exercise science grad, who now holds the position of a strength and conditioning assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders. Martinez began working with the Raiders in March, and several players have already credited her with positively developing their football skills. She may be the first female coach the Raiders have ever had, and only the third female coach in the entire league, but Martinez is already making an impact with the team, and paving the way for other women who want to have a career in sports.

Martinez, who is just 26-years-old and originally from Pueblo, Colorado was a competitive softball player at Bethany College in Kansas, prior to transferring to CSU, where she graduated from in 2015. Martinez is the second female to graduate from CSU and land a coaching job for a pro-sports team, following Becky Hammon, who is currently an assistant coach in the NBA.

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