Although it comes at a steep price, an iconic Colorado mountain is currently for sale, and it could be all yours if you happen to have a spare $105 million in the bank.

Located on the Colorado/New Mexico border, the 14,047-foot Culebra Peak has been on the market for over a year now, and is included in the property listing for Cielo Vista Ranch. Not only does the 83,368-acre piece of real estate give a buyer the opportunity to own a Colorado 14er, there are also 18 other peaks on the land that are at least 13,000 feet tall. Right now, Culebra Peak has a daily limit on the amount of climbers allowed to hike up, which has helped to keep the mountain in a pristine, preserved condition. However, the new owner will have the option to decide how it will be used going further, and whether or not the land will be kept private or used commercially. According to the listing, Cielo Vista is home to thousands of elk, a herd of bighorn sheep, and multiple species of fish that inhabit the hundreds of miles of creeks.

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