Proving that the stereotypical worst of enemies can become friends, a mail carrier in Boulder extended way beyond his job description, in helping a dog he sees regularly on his route by doing some extra work in his time off to help the dog function on a daily basis like it once did.

By the way, I wonder if it was a stressed out door-to-door mailman who first suggested the community mailboxes like we see in a lot of neighborhoods.  The one we use for my house has 20 or so boxes in one location.  And even though there are dozens of dogs living on my street, and even though the lady who lives right by this community box is a doggie daycare provider, the nearest dog to our postman is most likely 20 yards or more away when the daily delivery is made.

I don't know, but I doubt if this black lab's relationship with the mailman started off this warmly.  This gentleman added life to our world rather than sucking it out of us all like we're used to hearing about in the news.  Here here!

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