In a day and age where GPS comes automatically installed into most cell phones, it's hard to believe that so many people could have gotten as confused as they did this past Friday in Longmont, when a case of mistaken addresses led a woman's home to be accidentally ransacked by innocent strangers. 

The day started off normal for Mary Andrews, as she drove away from her house on Texas Lane in Longmont Friday morning. Leaving the front door unlocked, Andrews never expected she'd return to a house full of strangers, making their way to their cars with armloads of her possessions. However, this is exactly what she encountered as she pulled back into her driveway later that morning, in what turned out to be a really, really big misunderstanding. In reality, a neighbor down the street was having an estate sale — but when one person mistakenly entered Andrews' home and began sifting through her personal belongings, others followed suit, not thinking twice about the address. It also didn't help that Andrews still had some random items left sitting in her yard from a sale she had hosted the previous weekend, making it seem like this was, in fact, the right location for the estate sale.

Andrews tried to explain the situation to the strangers ransacking her home, and thought it might occur to them that estate sales typically aren't a free-for-all, but several argued with her and continued to take what they wanted. In about an hours time, everything from electronics to jewelry, utensils and furniture had been taken from the residence – even the toilet paper! Unfortunately for Andrews, the Longmont police have closed the case due to not having any leads as to where her belongings have ended up. While she is hopeful that some of the people will hear her story and return her items, Andrews is still devastated that so many of her family's possessions are now gone. To help get Andrews back on her feet, her daughter has set up a GoFundMe page, which can be found at

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