I'm certain we can all agree with that, but his message isn't all doom & gloom.  I agree strongly with what he says right about the 3:00 mark in this video.

Vocalist/guitarist Dan Adkins from Jimmy Eat World, who joins Incubus in opening for Atlas Genius at Red Rocks on October 3rd, compares hearing the news in the U.S. to getting racked, saying "Every day, there's this new, disgusting thing."

"...Things are more normal than they seem..."  Can you agree with that?

I would submit that's not only true "out there," but quite often in our personal lives.  I also keep our friends in South Texas suffering from Hurricane Harvey in mind today, hoping that somehow everything will end up alright for them.

All of that is my reason for today's Side Track.  And I just love this video.  It starts off with a bunch of everyday people at their absolute wit's end... but this video doesn't conclude that way, and yours doesn't have to, either.

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