They're four friends who are just 'figuring it out' (though, when it comes to Nebraskan geography, they are pretty well versed -- no, really). They're SWMRS, they're surf punks, and you can catch them at Hodi's in Old Town Fort Collins on July 10. 

Uncool Records

During a morning en route to Denver last winter, frontman Cole Becker jumped on the line with Mollie Kendrick, where the 20-year-old spouted out facts about the Ogallala Aquifer and defended pop music in one fell swoop -- and all before 8 a.m.

Incorporating the two extremes of alternative music; that's what we try to do. And we're not afraid to be poppy, too.


The band's single 'Figuring It Out' does exactly what Becker intended, by combining the gritty, rebellious adolescent elements of '90s alt grunge (note the multitude of bomber jackets below, too) with a catchy, pop-friendly hook.

SWMRS Drive North Tour | Sunday, July 10 | Doors Open 7 p.m. | Hodi's Half Note | 167 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins | Tickets $10 in Advance, $12 Day of Show