Say 'so long' to 2017 with us! BandWagon Magazine and 94.3 The X have your New Year's Eve (eve) bash at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins. #InTheWhaleSucks

Eric and Nate of In The Whale may call Denver 'home' now, but the alt/punk duo, who's been on the road with bands like the Toadies, Jane's Addiction and The Darkness, formed years ago in Greeley. What better way to rid ourselves of all that 2017 was, than with a Punk Rock NYE party?

 You know Bill [Stevenson] and the Descendents' song, 'Coffee Mug?' 'I don't need no booze or drugs, I got my coffee mug.' That is real.  - Eric on Blasting Room coffee.

Oh, and they also have a song called 'Galaxie,' which I like to think is about my '67 Ford Galaxie. I am an astronaut. Come hang with us, In The Whale and The Bastard Suns!

Saturday, December 30 | Doors Open 7:30 p.m. | Downtown Artery | 254 Linden Street, Fort Collins |Tickets $12, On Sale Here 

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