We've been wanting to bring alternative music to Northern Colorado for a long time now but kept missing our chance: the timing just wasn't right.  Now, though, with summer winding down, it's the perfect time to reveal the station flip from Loudwire to 94.3 The X.  

Northern Colorado has such an active, untapped indie music scene and we felt like we were missing out.  Now, though, we can access those great anthems that personified the nineties music scene, sing along to the hottest alternative tracks of today, and even highlight the awesome local bands that  you may not often hear over the radio waves.

Who's replacing the on-air talent, you may be wondering?  Two amazing new female personalities are lending a new voice to The X: Mollie Patel and Shelby Taylor-Thorn!  Cain, your favorite evening host, will still be here to rock out with you as well.

Check out the gallery below to meet your new DJs and watch the video of our exciting reveal below as well. Like us, follow us, subscribe-- and embrace the alt life.