But please, don't do anything else like Courtney Love. According to Nylon, the '90s grunge scene's queen Courtney has collaborated with Nasty Gal to put a little 'kinderwhore' in your closet. 

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via Getty Images

I feel so wrong even typing the word 'kinderwhore,' but admittedly, as Northern Colorado's official '90s @ NOON girl, I'm fond of Love's iconic grunge-femme pairing of floral baby doll dresses and dark lipstick; her marriage of faux fur coats and knee socks. It was such an ironic contrast to Vedder's flannel, and really just about everything else from that era.

Oh, and that tiara. Let's not forget that tiara.

To quote Nylon, it's a 'kismet-kissed meeting of the minds.' The collab has yet to officially launch, but you can get some visuals from nylon.com.

I gave 'grunge girl' a try once: