With Veterans Day having been this weekend, and numerous thank-you's being expressed coast to coast (and overseas, I'm sure,) some of those were unique, like a local car wash chain who gave out free service to vets at all six of its locations.

But here was one that will be remembered forever by veterans who attended, or even heard about from afar, as well as the family of this 9-year-old boy, who worked diligently for months on "The Price of Freedom," a song he wrote to dedicate to service men and women.

Luke performed the song at V.F.W. Post 7945 in Thornton on Saturday. He says "The veterans sacrificed their lives for us, and I thought making a song for them would be pretty nice," and that playing it for them is "a really cool opportunity." He understands that "Well, after the war, you're changed..."

Afterwards, one vet stood up and said that "This makes up" for his returning from war 50 years ago and being "spit on and called names." That's something I've never understood - as, whether or not it's a war that we can personally stand behind, the unspeakable sacrifice, the selfless dedication, and heroism of our military troops who fight each one can't possibly be appreciated enough.

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