NoCo will hit the 80s by Saturday, the National Weather Service says. After a drizzly, cooler start to the week, the Fort Collins area will end April with sunshine and mild weather. The National Weather Service's forecast predicts that by Friday, we'll just about reach the 80s, and by Saturday, Fort Collins is expected to reach a high of 83 degrees.

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But, as they say, 'April showers bring May showers,' or something. Sunday will cool off to a high near 70 with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms that could stick around through the beginning of next week. You can see the full forecast from the National Weather Service here.

Still, don't put the ice scraper under the back seat just yet... it can snow in the Fort Collins area until June. In fact, Tuesday's rainstorm actually dropped several inches of snow just outside of town in the mountains. Pingree Park got 16 inches of snow, Red Feather Lakes got around a foot of snow and Estes Park got seven inches.

Latest Fort Collins Snowfalls in the Past 20 Years

Source: Colorado Climate Center 

2020: 12.3 inches on April 16

2019: 2.7 inches on May 21

2018: Trace amounts on April 24

2017: 1.8 inches on May 18

2016: 0.1 inches on May 1

2015: 1.2 inches on May 10

2014: 1.8 inches on May 12

2013: 0.1 inches on May 2

2012: Trace amounts on April 3

2011: Trace amounts on May 11

2010: 4.1 inches on May 12

2009: Trace amounts on June 23

2008: Trace amounts on May 2

2007: Trace amounts on April 13

2006: Trace amounts on April 25

2005: Trace amounts on June 9

2004: Trace amounts on May 14

2003: Trace amounts on May 31

2002: 1.3 inches on May 24

2001: 0.3 inches on May 20

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