It's hard to stay indoors when the weather is this nice (but it is OK to go outside if you follow these guidelines). Starting next week, however, it may get a little bit easier, with snow showers expected for a few consecutive days. The extra moisture actually may be a good thing anyway, as Northern Colorado enters a Red Flag Warning period.

According to the National Weather Service, the Fort Collins area will have an incredible week of sunshine and temps in the 70s, but towards the end of the week, showers are expected. By Sunday, the showers will turn to snow.

Sunday and Monday's forecast predict that snow is likely and temps will be in the 30s; Tuesday will have a chance of snow as well, however the National Weather Service did not report how much was expected.

See more from the National Weather Service here (and go ahead and get your essential exercise outdoors while you can, just remember to cover up).


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