For some, this is a very tame list. But for others, well...their parents will have a heart attack reading it. They're things that every rebellious teenager in Northern Colorado has done. (Concerned parents, take note.)

  • 1

    Skinny dipped in Horsetooth Reservoir.

    Or in Warren, Windsor, Loveland, Boyd, Sherwood, or Terry lakes, the Poudre, the South Platte, or private pools in a neighborhood nearest you.

    Bottom line: You were angst-y and wanted to get naked. So you did.

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  • 2

    Sneaked out of the house to meet up with a boy/girl.

    If skinny dipping was too much for you, you at least took the baby steps of meeting up with the opposite (or same) sex to make out and do things you'd never want your parents to know you did on the dam at Warren Lake or on Horsetooth Reservoir's "hidden" beach.

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  • 3

    TP'd a friend's house in a fancy neighborhood.

    Toilet papering the homes of your "rich friends" that lived in the Landings or country club neighborhoods was always a treat, right?

    And those girls look like they're up to absolutely no good. I bet they just egged a big house on Boyd Lake...

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  • 4

    Smoked pot - or at least tried it.

    Yes, there are a lot of "golden children" out there that have still never tried marijuana to this day. Good for them! But us rebellious NoCo kids are no stranger to hittin' the bong once or twice.

    I mean, this is Colorado. [Insert 'high' and 'altitude' jokes here.]

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  • 5

    Skipped class.

    Whether it was to smoke pot in your car at Stewart Case Park behind Fort Collins High School or to sleep all day while your parents were at work, every rebellious kid skipped class.

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  • 6

    Sneaked alcohol into all-ages concerts at the Aggie.

    And quite possibly made out with some rando while you were at it.

    So this could have happened at any concert venue in Northern Colorado, but I must say, sneaking alcohol into the Aggie used to be too easy to do and kids definitely took advantage. (Except me, of course.)

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  • 7

    Ran away (for at least 5 hours).

    Best way to end an argument with your parents? Walk out of the house with no phone, no map, no GPS...and drive. Just drive. You can make the trip to Lookout Mountain and back just in time for dinner with your parents, who will fill you in on how the cops have been searching for you all day.

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