The City of Loveland and the City of Fort Collins are separated by only about five miles, but in some ways, the differences between the two are enormous.

I have friends who live in Fort Collins and they really dislike the idea of having to come into Loveland, unless it's really important. Much can be said the same for some folks who have to go into Fort Collins for 'whatever' reasons.

Whether you're coming in on Highway 287, which turns from Garfield into College, or on Taft which turns into Shields, or on Wilson which turns into Taft Hill (don't even get us Lovelanders started on that whole thing,) once a Lovelander gets into The Choice City, their attitude begins to shift.

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I had a discussion with some Loveland friends the other day, and we came up with more than a few things about Fort Collins that get under our skin. 'Beefs' about Fort Collins, if you will. Nothing terribly harsh, just items that just make our collective eyes roll when it comes to the thought of getting in the car and going north.

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Now, nobody is saying that there is some sort of feud happening between the two 'close' cities, I'd stand next to my fellow Lovelanders to defend Fort Collins against interlopers as I'm sure they'd do the same for Loveland.

These are just little 'beefs' that drive Loveland crazy about Fort Collins.

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