Fort Collins is a great place to live and work. But everyone has somewhere to be, and these particular intersections do a great job at inducing rage.

Below are 6 of the worst intersections in Fort Collins.

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    Drake and College

    Just one of the busier intersections in town, Drake and College also happens to be an intersection with pesky red light cameras. While those cameras are supposed to help the community, their ultra-sensitivity can be super annoying in the least convenient times when we're trying to rush to work, school, home to watch cat videos, etc.

    Those $75 tickets with the most unflattering photos of ourselves are not fun to get in the mail, either.

    Also, it doesn't help that this intersection is super close to the Mason Corridor; having to sit and wait for the Max can be a pain sometimes.

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    Timberline and Trilby

    It may look super innocent and be situated in one of the most beautiful, semi-rural parts of town, but don't let that fool you.

    Timberline and Trilby is the worst during morning and afternoon rush hour traffic, especially west along Trilby. Traffic gets backed up, and drivers may have to sit through 5+ red lights before they can turn either way onto Timberline.

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    Mulberry and Riverside

    Just look at those angles - they stink.

    Pulling out into the intersection hoping to make a left hand turn from Mulberry onto Riverside and vice versa is so intimidating; drivers feel like oncoming turners will smash into them. Not to mention this intersection is near train tracks; while the amount of train delays has been significantly reduced recently, many of us have post-train trauma that we continue to deal with, so just thinking about this intersection makes our skin crawl.

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    Foothills Parkway (along the Foothills Mall)

    Having the Foothills Mall back up and running is seriously Heaven-sent, and we would never want to take it for granted. However, its parking lot is the absolute worst, especially along Foothills Parkway.

    Four-way stops make some drivers nervous wrecks; adding two lanes PLUS a turning lane each way makes the situation even worse.

    Whose turn is it? Did I stop first? WHY ARE THEY GOING, THEY DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT-OF-WAY!!!!!

    If you're looking to have your day ruined, just drive along Foothills Parkway during the mall's busy hours and you'll be set. And then stop for drinks at Bar Louie and do some window shopping while you sober up.

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    Council Tree Avenue (parking lot outside Five Guys)

    Driving through this intersection, you'll be dealing with several things here:

    • Cars backing out and pulling into parking spaces,
    • Cars entering and exiting the parking lot,
    • Pedestrians crossing the street, not knowing where they're going or what they're doing,
    • and traffic coming at you know matter where you turn, down very narrow roads.

    This multi-intersection area outside of Five Guys Burgers & Fries is just an absolute nightmare to deal with!

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    Every roundabout in Fort Collins

    Roundabouts are amazing for everyone. Everyone that knows how to navigate them, that is.

    Unfortunately, roundabouts are still relatively new to Northern Colorado. Which means a lot of people don't know that you aren't supposed to stop, and lane changes are definitely still illegal in these intersections.

    Just remember: don't cut people off, and keep moving (unless there's oncoming traffic). Thanks, guys.

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