Here at The X, we know that alternative isn't just a genre of music-- it's a way of life. 

However, we know more than anyone how stifling all that black can be in the hot summer months. (Cue a picture of Shelby's jacket...)

You can't tell, but we're all wearing black.  And we're all sweating.

Luckily, there are other ways to stay cool as a cucumber-- both temperature-wise know, being get it.

We've compiled a list for you to keep in mind when stepping out in your vintage sneakers this summer, so grab a cold craft beer and queue up your Foo Fighters record to get ready for the heat.

  • 1

    Ignore the summer hits

    We know it’s tempting to dance to JT’s new single, but you have to ignore these jamz—THEY AREN’T YOUR JAMZ.  YOU HAVE DIFFERENT JAMZ.

    Break out a classic Nirvana record or roll down the windows to Broods in your car so that everyone at the stoplight knows you’re not like all those other fools.

    That single is pretty freaking catchy, though….

  • 2

    Get a cool tattoo

    Time to break out the short sleeves-- but wait, aren't you embarrassed of those big ol' blank canvases you call arms??

    OK, OK, we get the hesitation-- tattoos are pretty mainstream now.  I mean, even the most boring Jonas Brother has tatts.  So why not get something different?

    At our sister station, one of the morning hosts has a twinkie tattooed on his arm.  Follow his lead and get a mural of your favorite snack cakes on your back, or maybe a sleeve devoted to everything you ate for lunch that day?

    Todd Harding, TSM
  • 3

    Break out a leather vest

    You want to be cool and show off your new tattoo, but-- see Instagram photo above-- it's hard to wear your leather when it's so hot out.

    Luckily, the fashion world has graced us with a solution.  A VEST! Lose two sleeves but keep all your cool, just like the hip old dude below.

    Thinkstock Photos
  • 4

    Sip an ice-cold concoction

    Yeah, yeah, we get it, OK? Northern Colorado is the 'Napa Valley of Beer'.

    If you're alternative, though, you just don't do things the way everyone else does.  When everyone's reaching for an ice-cold beer this summer, reach for something different instead.

    Try absinthe!  It's crazy strong and makes you sort of delusional....which is cool, right?  I's different, at least. Chase that green fairy!

    Or maybe you could try moonshine.  I'm not totally sure if it's legal to brew, but everyone is sure to be impressed with your mason jar full of whatever when you're walking around town.  They'll be even more impressed when you get arrested, anyway-- hey, you've got a rap sheet!

  • 5

    Don a cool hat

    Hats are the best way to keep the sun off your noggin, but it's hard to find the perfect one for your alt lifestyle.

    After all, the Colorado hipsters have already claimed the 'summer beanie', and for some reason, people associate cowboy hats with country music (weird), so that's out of the question.

    My suggestion-- how about a Guy Fieri-style visor?  It's practical and fashionable. Plus, the alt underground loves to color their hair and wear it in crazy ways, so there's obviously no better way to fully celebrate this music's culture.

    Flair Hair,