My ten days is almost up: I've been staying inside the four walls of my tiny apartment, trying to keep everyone safe from the COVID-19 virus, but also trying to keep myself entertained while I wait out this quarantine. I've watched so much Netflix, I think the service is about to conk out on me for good. I've made so many blueberry smoothies, I think I'm about to turn purple.

Why did this all start? I was diagnosed with COVID-19 over a week ago and after several calls with the Larimer Department of Public Health and Environment, I get to spring myself back out into the world on Tuesday. That's right: if you're curious about how long your quarantine should be, just give the city department a call! However, being alone has taught me a lot about my finances, my friends, and my family, and most of all, my health.

So what, exactly, have I learned?

Actually, quite a few things. I've learned how important it is to stay healthy and active. I've learned that it's a good idea not to online shop too much. I've learned one thing most of all, though, but rather than spoil the suspense, I detail my list below.  I'd love to hear from you, too: what do you learn in your quarantine?

Here's my five COVID lessons:

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