"Let me root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame." I know it's easy to pick on the Rockies, heck, they have finished either 4th or 5th in the NL West for the last five seasons.

Fourth or fifth place doesn't seem too bad, you say, but with five teams in the division it's a little like getting a participation trophy. Regardless we live in Northern Colorado and have Major League Baseball an hour or less away! How exciting!



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    1. Coors Field.

    Coors Field is one of the "Most Instagrammed" places in Colorado. When you walk into a major league field, there's energy and excitement; you realize it's about the experience.


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    Walk up specials!

    Last season we walked up and got Club Level seats for $25/ticket. Having a pleasant bathroom, unlimited food choices, and shorter beer lines had me hooked.


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    They take time to meet fans.

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    The Rooftop

    You sit a mile high and get to enjoy baseball in the sun, in a bar type atmosphere. You can socialize while watching the game, but not fear that you'll take a bat or ball to the face.

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    Baseball Nostalgia

    It's a good excuse every year to listen to James Earl Jones read "Casey at the Bat."

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    Bonus: Listen to Kenny Rogers' "The Greatest"