Forget Star Wars, I'm going back to The Lyric for round two of Greta Gerwig's coming-of-age flick, Lady Bird.

Not to sound cliche, but I laughed, I cried... and then laughed my ass off more because this movie was, to say the least, a little too real. Gerwig's wit (delivered by Saoirse Ronan) is for anyone who was/is a late bloomer, a black sheep and a stubborn go-getter whose determination interferes with what they're told they 'should do' or 'can do.'

Normally, I am not a movie reviewer, but Lady Bird is one of those kind of cool, artsy movies that doesn't show in the regular theaters, so you've got to go out and see it while it's showing at the (new!) Lyric in Fort Collins.

You can watch the trailer below, which I'm sure will persuade enough, but just in case, here's my two cents — or five reasons why you should go see it — too.

1) It will make you love Fort Collins even more. I get it, Fort Collins isn't a big city, with wild night clubs and romantic ivy-covered buildings. But, small-town quirks are what made this movie so entertaining, as Lady Bird spends her Catholic high school days desperately trying to avoid the local college her family wants to send her to, and go to NYC instead.

By the end, you'll be thinking about how you felt the first time you drove through Fort Collins, just wait.

2) You'll be happy you went to school dances with your best friend, instead of with a date. Never had dates to dances in high school? Cool, I didn't either, so I know firsthand that it doesn't feel great to be the girl no one ever asked. Instead, I went with my best friend who didn't have a date and still had a blast.

That prepared me for adulthood more than I could know. I still have my best friend by my side; back stage at concerts, industry parties and radio award ceremonies, etc. Not a boyfriend. This movie will remind you why that's better.

3) It has a recurring song by the Dave Matthews Band in it. If you made your life into a movie like Greta Gerwig did, you'd probably want to pick some really cool song to represent your adolescence. But as I said before, this movie keeps it real, so, Dave Matthews Band it is.

And, she even wrote him a letter personally asking if she could use the song in her movie... 

4) YOU WILL FIND COMFORT IN KNOWING THE ATTRACTIVE 'BAD BOY' UNIVERSALLY SUCKS. Like, really. Ever been in a fitting room with your mom, and had to explain to her that she doesn't get to meet your boyfriend, because 'he's not your boyfriend, and maybe never was?' Because I had to do that, within the last year even, and it must be fairly common if it's also in a movie.

I digress. Thanks, Lady Bird.

5) Don't take my word for it. It got a 100 on Rotten Tomatoes. Which has literally never happened before.

Lady Bird is showing at The Lyric Cinema this week, and I know you want to go see it now, so here are the show times.

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