When resolutions are made, they always circle around weight loss, spending more time with family, and other feel good goals. However, it's time to be realistic.

It's great to have those goals in place, and I know I could stand to lose another 10 - 20 pounds. But as a Fort Collins resident myself, I know there are many other things I could be doing better.

It also seems like that many residents of the city could take these resolutions as well, and they are actually very easy to achieve when you think about it.

Whether it has to do with running red lights (you know you are guilty), or shop more local (we could all do better with this), there is something on this list for everyone in Fort Collins.

So forget about making unreachable resolutions, and take a few from this list of ten that all of us could work to achieve!

Which ones would you choose from this list to try to "conquer" in 2017?



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