Hurts because we've got the giggles. Oh, Fort Collins. What a wonderful, interesting place you are. From 'SEND NUDES' to shirtless running dudes -- in the snow -- these were the best #FortCollins Instagrams of the week.

Our first Insta of the week comes from our very own Scruggs. A fort Collins 'Bad Sign' (or, perhaps, 'Naughty Sign') we saw while walking downtown. So... do we like, send them in the mail, or what?  (Via madicscruggs)

As you know, the weather at the beginning of the week was definitely unseasonably warm, so why not just pitch a hammock on the Poudre Trail bridge and enjoy the sunshine? #OnlyInFoCo #WhatHappensWhenACyclistComes? (Via reaman216)

Later in the week, February actually happened. It didn't stop this guy from doin' his thing like it was still 70 degrees out though, and for that, he has our respect. No wonder he looks like he's in good shape. You go, man! Just don't slip on any ice. (Via iamthebadwolfashley)

Oh, the Weed Lab. This world traveler took a moment out of his day to snap a pic in front of the building on the CSU campus, as my friends and I all totally have as well... because weed jokes, right?  (Via ramisoufi)

Lastly, while I'll admit squirrels can be cute -- sometimes -- I'd much rather have backyard visitors like these ones, which stopped by a Fort Collins home earlier this week. (via robbybenson)

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