Let's pour out a fishbowl for the ones we lost in 2019.

Drunken Monkey 

I think this wound is still a little fresh... Gone are the days of swinging from rope swings and drinking from blue fishbowls, as we bid the Fort Collins bar and rite-of-passage for your questionable college days, farewell on November 2 of 2019. Drunken Monkey was proceeded in closure by its neighbors, Old Chicago and Jimmy John's. You'll have to pry Tony's out of our cold, dead and drunk hands. 

Wild Boar

The Fort Collins coffee shop had been in Fort Collins for over a decade when it unexpectedly closed last fall. Located across from CSU in an old house, it was a great study spot that future students will sadly never know.


Downtown Artery* 

The Downtown Artery also closed in the fall of 2019, a loss for the local art and music community. The venue was close to our hearts and we considered much of the staff friends, so we hope whoever buys the space will reopen it as a spot for live music (and dance parties).

*The gallery space at the Downtown Artery remains open above the venue and cafe.

The Kitchen

The upscale eatery in Old Town Square closed down and swapped its image. Now with more casual fare, it reopened a couple months later with the same owners (but a different menu) as Next Door.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Dungeons & Drafts

Fort Collins' gamer bar closed its doors in 2019 after back taxes and an attempted crowdfunding effort failed to help the restaurant reopen.

According to the Coloradoan, 34 bars and restaurants closed in 2019, but many others opened. You can see them all here.

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