Barber cutting man's hair, close-up of electric razor, rear view
Credit: Michael Blann

We all know that Fort Collins is known as the "Napa Valley of Beer". But I also think we may lead the nation in having some of the best barbers in one region.

We all know that many ladies have a tough time finding the perfect hair salon to go to. Once they start going to that salon regularly, it is also tough for them to switch to someone else.

But guess what? Guys are the same way when it comes to their barbers, which is why it is great that Fort Collins has so many in one area.

Some barbers in the city are traditional, and you feel like you are heading back in time when you walk into their business.

While others are very modern and put a spin on the traditional barbershop that make you want to keep coming back for more.

After taking a look at Yelp, we were able to find the five highest rated barbershops throughout the city and they all have a distinct personality to them.

Don't see your favorite barbershop on this top five list? No worries! Believe me, it was tough sorting through all the Yelp entries to be able to narrow it down to the top five.

Who is your favorite barber in Fort Collins? Let us know below!





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