When cold weather hits, so does cravings for warm, comfort food. While it might be hard to leave the house when temps dip into the teens, these five Fort Collins restaurants have menus that'll heat things up and keep you toasty. 

The Little Bird Bake Shop

The Little Bird Bake Shop likes to change their pastry menu based on the season, so come in and heat up with items like gooey cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, and warm specialty coffee drinks.

Waltzing Kangaroo


The pies at Waltzing Kangaroo are oven-baked and filled with warmth from the inside out. With a variety of meat pies, vegetarian options, and savory rolls, Waltzing Kangaroo is sure to keep you warm from the inside out too.

Cafe Mexicali

It doesn't matter what sauce you slather on top, the smothered burritos at Cafe Mexicali are warmth wrapped inside a tortilla.


Something about hearty Italian food always makes you feel warm inside, and the cozy interior at Paninos only helps when trying to escape the cold.

Me Oh My Coffee and Pie

 Although Me Oh My is technically in LaPorte and not Fort Collins, it's close enough to count as one of the best places to find something that's sizzling hot. From soups and quiche, to piping coffee and all kinds of pie, you'll warm up quick here!

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