Good news: They're pretty funny. Bad news: They're already taken by these people, whom we share our roads with here in Colorado. 

Your custom license plate says a lot about you. Normally, we talk about the ones that you aren't allowed to have (but people tried to get anyway), but today, we celebrate the champions who got through the DMV with these gems.


We all love a good 'dumb blonde' joke (except for blondes, usually), but this driver really committed to the stereotype. Well, unless this was an act of vandalism... nah, still funny.

2) OMG - MUV

They probably should have gotten 'VUM - GMO,' so the driver they're tailgating can read it in their rear view mirror.

3) 420

OK, another weed joke --whatever. But, this poor woman's caption is what makes this plate so, so great. 'I am SO going to get pulled over for no reason!'

4) Uh... ?

This is a very customized plate, and I don't think that's going to help you not get pulled over. Clever though.


Colorado just... really loves Chick-fil-a. Apparently. What?

Inspired by our sister station 94.3 WCYY in Portland, who created a list of the Funniest Custom Maine License Plates.

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