If you had 2,000 bottles of wine, how would you pick a bottle for dinner? I would probably have to have some type of randomizer in place for that many bottles. A good, old-fashioned game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe would probably do the job, too. But first and foremost, you would need a place to store 2,000 bottles of wine. Well, if this sounds like you, then we have found that perfect wine rack for your bottles. The wine rack is actually a wine room, and it comes in a 13,000-square-foot home in Golden, Colorado.

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According to Realtor, the Golden home, located at 22101 Bear Tooth Drive, is currently for sale for $5.5 million. The home has 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a guest house on the 35-acre property. Other features of this home include an indoor swimming pool, home theater, a large gym area and more.

The home's property is located next to White Ranch Park open space, which means your chances of seeing wildlife on a daily basis are pretty great. Take a look at the photos of 22101 Bear Tooth Drive in Golden, currently listed for $5.5 million:

22101 Bear Tooth Drive

See the full listing for 22101 Bear Tooth Drive HERE.

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