Colorado State University has a long history. Some of that history has been known to linger around and make surprise visits.

Rumor has it that four CSU buildings have been known for having haunting experiences.

Here are the spooky spots where Rams have felt haunted before and places the university showcases on annual mystery tours.

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    Student Services Building

    The architect who designed the Student Services building (and 11 others) was committed to an insane asylum after a plan to murder his wife and hide her body under the building was uncovered. The building has half floors, oddly narrow stairwells, and two staircases that lead to nowhere. Before it was the Student Services building it was a home for male students to live called Braiden Hall. Even back then, students were complaining about it's eerie feel.

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    Johnson Hall

    The Johnson Hall building was originally the first on-campus student union before adding a ballroom onto the south end of the building. The ballroom was host to many parties, balls and college proms before it was converted into a theatre. Since then, there's been many reports of students and teachers hearing a woman's voice singing and "dancing footsteps when no one else is in the building."

    Staff members have reported having "the wind knocked out of them" when opening storage areas on the third floor of the building.

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    Ammons Hall

    Ammons Hall was built in 1922 and originally served as the Women's Recreation Center with a swimming pool. The building has so many reports of ghosts that the Ghost Hunters of Colorado even spent the night to try and figure out what is going on. Audio recordings from their visit captured "footsteps, singing, keys jingling, and voices that answered questions" asked by the team of ghost hunters.

    Legend has it a female student who drowned in the pool when it was a recreation center is haunting the building.

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    Centennial Hall

    Centennial Hall was completed back in 1950 and was originally used for student recreation and campus conferences. However, it is now home to the Student Financial Services. Two staff members have reported seeing a large, dark figure on the staricase when the building was empty.

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