Could the possibility of a four day school week in a Colorado district become a reality? Officials are weighing the possibilities, and raising many questions.

According to the Coloradoan, officials in the Florence-Penrose school district have thrown out the options and directions they could head in and one of them includes shortening the week to four days.

The belief is that it will assist them in recruiting and retaining more teachers.

Surveys will be conducted with families and the entire district community to see if there is enough support to move forward with the idea, or table it. The last survey done, back in 2010, suggested that the majority would be in favor of the change.

For families who are concerned about day care for younger children, the district says that part of the plan would include help for families who need it.

67 school districts throughout the state already work on a four day school week, with none of those schools being in Northern Colorado. Officials say that shortening to a four day week has not affected students and their growth.