Shush, girl! It's like I'm reliving 2008, when 3OH!3 played a Halloween show in Denver. I was in high school, and coincidentally, pretty emo. 

Maybe I'll wear a black dress... with tights underneath? Actually, that's what I'm wearing now. Easy. And maybe 3OH!3 will come as Lady Gaga?

2009 mtvU Woodie Awards - Show
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

This may also be the first Emo Nite hosted in Fort Collins. It's a thing that started in LA, and now tours nationally, but basically, it's for people who love emo rock from the 2000s... so like, think MySpace and Hot Topic and stuff.

Celebrities and artists will team up with Emo Nite across the country, and it looks like Colorado's 3OH!3 will be pairing up with the Fort Collins Halloween party, which sound like it'd be a total blast IF WE WEREN'T SO SAD. Tickets start at $25. Check it out.

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