With people working from home and practicing social distancing, many have questions on the best way to care for their pets.  What's acceptable for our four-legged friends? Can we take them on walks, to dog parks, to the groomer and to vet visits?  If not, what indoor games can we use to keep them occupied? How do we make sure our dogs socialize in ways we currently cannot?

Expert Kim Gaebelein from Bil-Jac reached out and gave us 3 ways you can give your pet the care they need without having to take them to the dog park.

Kim Gaebelein's 3 tips to keep your dog active while indoors:

  1. Hide and Seek - Try playing hide and seek with a toy or yummy treat.
  2. Indoor Obstacle Course - Use laundry baskets, cardboard boxes, hula hoops, PVC pipe, play tunnels, and more to give your pooch a real challenge.
  3. Teach your dog a new trick - Try to teach your dog “How to Wave” or “How to Play Dead.”
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