In the world we live in today, we've seen security measures in public places increasingly ramp up, in an effort to prevent and combat threats or similar situations.

Although it's sad that we even have to worry about these types of situations, at least there is comfort in knowing steps are being taken across the country to make places like schools and malls safer. College campuses are no exception, and fortunately for us here in Colorado, three campuses within the state are some of the safest in the nation.

A Secure Life recently published an article about college safety, ranking the top 100 most secure campuses throughout the country. Eleven years of crime data and statistics, including categories like the number of robberies in residence halls, aggravated assaults on campus, burglaries and thefts were used in the rankings process in order to determine where the safest campuses are.

Out of the 100 college campuses, University of Colorado Colorado Springs fell at #58 on the list, CSU in Fort Collins came in at #70, and Regis University in Denver came in at #82.

You can read the full rankings here.

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