The people of The Sweetheart City have more than a few things that they would like to see happen to Loveland in 2023. Do you agree with what they're hoping for?

Like any town or city, not everyone is happy with "everything" in Loveland. Yes, there are folks who love Loveland just the way it is, but for others, 2023 has some work to do. Whether it be stuff for the kids to do, restaurants, or the City Council, if Lovelanders had their way, the town might look a bit different.

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Call it a "wish list" for the year. Things that Lovelanders are hoping to see come, or hoping to see less of. Will 2023 see all of these wishes come true for Loveland? It doesn't seem likely, but sometimes you just have to put things out there into the universe, and see what happens.

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I live in Loveland, and a lot of the comments/wishes are right on the money: A couple of great restaurant ideas, a couple of improvements that could be made, and additions to the city that we'd all like to see. Some of these have a solid chance, others ... are probably not going to see the "light of day" in 2023.  Fingers crossed, though.


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With luck, we'll see at least a few of these things happen in 2023; the city is growing, maybe those in charge will keep these comments in mind for the year. I'm guessing, though, that a few will end up back on the list for "24 Things Lovelanders Want to See in 2024."

23 Things Lovelanders Want to See in 2023

The people of "The Sweetheart City" have more than a few things that they'd like to see happen to the city for 2023. Do you agree with what they're hoping for?

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