The businesses that make up each community in Northern Colorado comprise the backbone of each town and city, and we try to support them in every way we can each year.

However, there is one coffee shop in the city of Fort Collins that not only makes great coffee. They also bring together our community.

With what they do for us each year, it's time to be able to give back to them.

Harbinger Coffee, which currently has two locations in Fort Collins, was founded in 2012 by owner Jonathan Jarrow. Their story is truly one that all of us aspire to when it comes to being able to start our own business.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Harbinger Coffee first started as a coffee cart selling their delicious beverages throughout the city. That blossomed into their first storefront location on Mason Street, and they recently opened up their second location which is part of the Harmony Commons development in the southeast section of the city.

Their coffee? SIMPLY AMAZING. While we have many great coffee shoppes in Fort Collins, there is something about the personality of Harbinger each time I walk in to get their delicious cold brew or an espresso. I mentioned the word "community" above. That's the personality I get when I walk into Harbinger Coffee each time.

To put it simply: They ARE Fort Collins. We are a passionate city who take pride in what the perception is of people "outside" the community. Harbinger Coffee is exactly the same way. They are passionate owners who take pride in the product they deliver to the customers.

Their story, from the beginning to now, has been one of many successes. However, it's time for us to give back to them and show them that we will be there for them as much as they have been there for the community.

Back in November, I was looking at the Facebook page of Harbinger Coffee and came across a video that owner Jonathan Jarrow posted on November 9th. In the video Jarrow discusses how his wife, who battled thyroid cancer while the second location was opening, is now battling cancer once again. Here's the video from the Harbinger Coffee Facebook page:



So, now you may be asking how YOU can help. All you need to simply do is support our friends at Harbinger Coffee. If you haven't bought a coffee there before, stop into one of their two locations and give it a try.

If you've been in there before and have meant to stop in more often, now is the time to do it. Believe me, I can taste their great coffee right now as I am writing this story.

Lastly, if you are a frequent customer, I think I speak for Harbinger Coffee when I say THANK YOU for giving your support. You may not think that your $3.50 coffee goes a long way, but it truly does.

Harbinger Coffee is a part of OUR community. Let's show them how much their success has meant to the city.

And to Jonathan, Charlotte, and the entire Harbinger family, you'll continuously be in our thoughts and prayers as you once again defeat cancer and once again show us the definition of success in its truest form.

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