The Estes Park Pet Association (EPPA) is warning residents to protect their pets after mountain lions attacked two dogs in the area this past week.

The Estes Park Trail Gazette reports that one of the attacks occurred when a local realtor let his dog out in his backyard, where it was ambushed by the predator.

Thankfully, he was able to chase the animal away with a broom stick, and his dog is on the mend.

While details of the second attack are unknown, the EPPA wants to make it clear that these attacks could happen to anyone's pet.

"In both instances, as I understand, the people only had their eyes off their dog for a second," Crystal Wille, head of the EPPA, told the publication. "It's not like they just put their dog out...they were pretty close by. Being diligent is really critical."

According to the EPPA, being diligent means practicing the following steps:

  • Searching around with a flashlight before going outside
  • Staying with your dogs when you take them out at night
  • Keeping your dogs on a leash
  • Walking your dog during daylight hours only

If you do encounter a mountain lion, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDW) recommends making yourself look larger, backing away slowly and making direct eye contact with the animal.

Report any mountain lion sightings or encounters to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) here. 

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