The single life can be rough...but it doesn't necessarily have to be, especially when you have amazing things in your life.

Buzzfeed recently shared an article titled 17 Flourless Desserts More Satisfying Than a Boyfriend - while I agree all of these desserts are definitely more satisfying than a boyfriend, it made me think of 18 other things that are more satisfying than a boyfriend.

I currently do not have a boyfriend - otherwise, I wouldn't be sharing this with you. But I think these 18 things in the photo gallery below are pretty special, and I hope they'll inspire you to appreciate the little things in life if you're chronically single like me.

Arts and crafts are pretty nifty, too! If you love princess-y things like tutus and glitter, you'll want to check out my DIY no-sew tutu tutorial in preparation for the Insane Inflatable 5K by clicking HERE.