2016 was a big year for us! We're just a over a year old now, and so we're about... five years behind everyone else on Insta -- but, we're growing.

Everyone is talking about how crappy the last year has been. We can't really argue that, but we did have a blast anyway. We loved snapping pics in Fort Collins over the last year, and these ones got the most social media loves, double-taps and hearts on our account.

1) Jakob from Slow Caves' Three Arms

Jakob, and the rest of his band, Slow Caves, are some of our favorite people to hang out with. We had the pleasure of meeting them all in 2016 during BandWagon's Battle of the Bands last February. It looks like he has three arms, and the people of Instagram ate it up.

2) Bikes of Fort Collins

What can we say? Fort Collins just loves its bikes. And stickers. And this photo.

3) 888 at the Downtown Artery 

They're playing 'Critical Mistakes' all across the country these days, but we'll always remember that one time last spring, when 888 played the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins and we all wore all black...

4) The Unlikely Candidates in The X Studio

2016 was a HUGE year for The Unlikely Candidates, and we're glad they took the time to hang out with us in the studio last July, before they started climbing on the tables during their acoustic set at Illegal Pete's in Old Town.

5) Shelby + Scruggs

I don't know why this one got so much love, we only took this Polaroid to prove that we DO leave our apartment on Friday nights... every now and then. Or, maybe it's the banana gun.

6) The Atlas Genius Tour Bus

THE TWO NICEST MEN WE MET IN 2016. My goodness. 2016 may have been this 'awful year,' but all was sunshine and rainbows in that tour bus when we played Cootie Catcher with them before their Aggie show last July.

7) Backstage Hangs at the Aggie

It's never a bad time for a Polaroid. Just kidding we got kicked out after this. Just kidding.

8) 94.3 The X's First B-Day Party

In August of 2016, we turned one year old and had a party with The Strumbellas at the Biergarten in Fort Collins -- and there were cupcakes.

9) The Head and the Heart at CSU

2016 brought one of our favorite bands, The Head and the Heart, to the CSU campus for RamFest -- which meant we got to skip driving all the way to Morrison to see them. Can't beat that.

10) Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness...In the Wilderness

Our favorite interview of 2016 was when Scruggs and I went backstage camping with Andrew McMahon (in the wilderness), which made for one of our most popular Instagrams of the year, obviously, because who isn't enamored with Andrew McMahon?

11) Stranger Roll in Denver

We know why this one was so popular -- it's the Stranger Things couch! 2016 brought us the popular show, Stranger Things, and some of our staff went to a pre-Halloween Stranger Things rollerskating night in Denver, and how perfect is this?

12) 94.3 The X at Zombie Crawl

I was a cheerleader for Zombie Fest 2016 in Old Town. Instagram loves a dead cheerleader who eats brains and quotes Van Halen.

13) Abbey Road, Windsor

One of our most popular posts from 2016 was when our (then) airstaff recreated The Beatles' famous Abbey Road photo outside of our station on Main Street in Windsor. Yes, we did have to stop traffic for this.

14) Letting the Good Times Roll at Rollerland

Our staff loves to lace up skates on Wednesdays at the Fort Collins roller rink. In 2016, we went to nearly 20 skate nights there.

15) Courtney Love'd

One of our most-hearted Polaroid-turned-Instagrams of 2016 was my Courtney Love 'Doll Parts' photo, because everyone loves Ms. Love, Hole and cake, duh. OK, maybe not everyone...

16) Night Riots at the Artery 

Technically, this photo was taken in 2015, but we re-posted it in 2016 on Instagram, and the *likes were contagious*. Yes, I just sang that sentence...you probably did, too. Anyway, we LOVE Night Riots, and had the pleasure of hangin' with them a few times in the last year.