Happy birthday to a Colorado icon. No, not John Elway, Dealin' Doug or Tom Shane, but that giant blue horse statue at Denver International Airport. He's been shining his glowing red eyes on anyone who gets near our airport since February 11, 2008, making 'Blucifer' 13 years old.  

Some say the horse is cursed and maybe even a little scary to see as you arrive in the dark for your early morning flight, but DIA isn't without its fair share of conspiracy theories and ties to the Illuminati, so really, what's one 'demonic' horse statue anyway?

On Blu's 13th trip around the sun, we're celebrating him with 13 of the internet's best offerings.

Like I was saying...

Always swipe right if he's famous.

2020 be like:

2021 be like:

No, we understand.

This makes it a little more 'welcome to Colorado.'

He said it, not us...

... And DIA resents that.

Denver International Airport Twitter, via Reddit
Denver International Airport Twitter, via Reddit

And, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Overall, yeah. What the guy from 'Home Alone' said.

Happy birthday, Blucifer.

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