First National Bank's Taste of Fort Collins is right around the corner, and while you may be planning what to bring, you should be aware that there are some things that will not make it through the gate. 

Sunscreen, friends and a blanket to sit on are all great things to pack for this year's festival. However, here are ten things that should be left at home...

...or locked up outside the festival grounds.

1) Bikes
Riding a bike to Taste of Fort Collins is a great idea! This is Fort Collins, after all; we'd never tell you to not ride your bike, with limited parking and sunshine, etc. However, you can not bring your bike into Taste of Fort Collins, so make sure you do bring a lock so you can leave it at a bike rack.

2) Dogs*

We know, we know... dogs are our best buds. However, Taste of Fort Collins is a long weekend in the sun, and with that sizzlin' asphalt, the only hot dogs we want to see are the ones from the food trucks. *Excludes service animals

3) Picnic Baskets

Sorry, Dorothy! Large carry-in containers are not allowed. Bags and backpacks are OK, but will be searched upon entry.

4) Scooters and Skates

As much as I love roller skating around in the summer, with large crowds, it's just safer to leave the blades and boards at home.

lzf, ThinkStock

5) Bad Attitudes

Leave those behind, duh!

6) Frisbees + More

Kites, frisbees, balls, etc. aren't permitted, but there's plenty of other entertainment, we promise.

7) Filled Water Bottles

Water bottles that are filled are not allowed, however, for the sake of your wallet and the environment, please feel free to bring an empty reusable one, which you can fill up once inside Taste of Fort Collins.

8) Weed

Because it's an all-ages event, guys. Actually, smoking of any kind isn't permitted in Fort Collins parks.

9) Firearms, Etc.

No weapons. We don't need to get into this. Just don't. 

10) Bread

(Sorry, I had to, for the sake of Smash Mouth...) But, no outside food or drink of any kind is permitted. Especially bread though.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

For a full list of prohibited items and Taste of Fort Collins policies, click here.

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