Costilla County might be the poorest county in Colorado, but this part of the state is extremely rich in history and historic places that are significant to the story of Colorado.

Some people may think there is nothing to see or do in the poorest part of Colorado, but that just isn't the case. Costilla County is full of great outdoor activities, places to fish and get out on the water, and several museums that show us how we all got here.

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How Big Is Costilla County, Colorado?

Located along the Colorado and New Mexico border is the county of Costilla. The county includes 1,230 square miles of land and 304 square miles of water. Spanish Conquistadors explored the area in the 1640s opening up some of the routes into Colorado that we still use today.

How Many People Live in Costilla County?

According to the 2020 census, the county of Costilla is home to about 3,499 residents. The top employers in the county are San Luis Care Center, Valley-Wide Health Systems, and Dollar General according to

The median household income in Costilla County is about $25,509 which is the lowest rate in Colorado.

What Does Costilla County Have Going For It?

Costilla County, Colorado is full of great places to fish and see wildlife. You'll love a weekend of fishing at Eastdale Reservoir, Sanchez Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, and Mountain Home Reservoirs.

Costilla County is rich in Colorado history with several historic sites, museums, and historic old forts, and there is even a State Park and a National Park nearby. Keep going to see 10 interesting places to visit in Colorado's poorest county.

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Colorado's poorest county is Costilla County, located along the Colorado and New Mexico border. The county population sits at about 3500 residents, and while Costilla County may not be an economic stronghold in Colorado, it is of historic significance. Check out 10 places to see in Costilla County below.

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