Did you get your Fort Collins Recreator in the mail this month? It's an action-packed catalog filled with classes and events in Fort Collins that you and the whole family can enjoy.

However, you might have noticed that there's a lot in there. That's why I've gone through the Recreator with a fine-toothed comb to find the hidden gems you might be missing: check them out and sign up below!

1. Bob Ross Style Painting

Ready to paint some 'happy little trees'? According to the class description, "a certified Bob Ross instructor teaches the use of different brushes, a palette knife, mixing colors, and the manipulation of special paints." No word yet if the instructor will wear a brown wig, but this class is sure to be calming and fun.

Class for 18+. 

2. Lunch Time in Bangkok

Have you always wanted to learn how to make your favorite famous Thai street food? This class will help you use authentic ingredients to create Pad Thai in the comfort of your own home.

3. Movie Night

Who doesn't love a movie night? Attendant sections are free and the regular price is $7, but bring along a few bucks for some snacks and enjoy Hollywood's finest flicks with your friends.

4. Belly Dancing For Beginners

After watching that Super Bowl halftime show, I think all of us wanted to be Shakira. Now you can, too, with Belly Dancing For Beginners. The class description says that you'll be able to learn "basic, fast, and slow movements, combos, and improvisational dance, all while improving balance, core strength, and flexibility."

Class for 18+, but 16+ welcome with instructor approval. 

5. Teen Pups Out in the Park

Have you got a new pup in your life? This class focuses on exercises that increase a young dog's attention and basic obedience skills. Dogs 6-18 months welcome.

6. You Can Uke

The ukelele seems like a basic instrument, but there's so much to it. Add a little music to your life with the introductory ukelele class for just $65.

7. Smart Fit Girls

For adolescent girls, confidence and body positivity is key. That's why this class aims to help young girls build friendships and work out together, all while discussing topics like nutrition, bullying, media, and self-love.

For girls grades 6-8. 

8. Lego Minecraft Engineering

Minecraft is all your child can think about, so why not give him or her the tools to really make something amazing? This class will help kids "build engineer-designed projects such as a Creeper, a Lava Trap, and a Minecart."

For kids 6-8 years of age. 

9. Monthly Themed Dances

Do you ever wish you could recreate your high school dance? The senior center will host three dances in the upcoming months, and dressing up is highly encouraged. Relive the '80's on March 27, the '90's on April 24, or dance to Today's Top 10 on May 29: all only $4.

Class for 18+. 

10. Comics Essentials

If you're a doodler, come doodle with a group of like-minded individuals. The Recreator describes this class as one that will help you "turn characters and concepts into finished comics, gag cartoons, cards, or books." Lovers of Manga, superheroes, and the funny pages need apply.

Class for 13+. 

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