About a week ago, we reached out to Northern Colorado residents on our Facebook page and asked a simple question: What's one thing you'll always find in a Colorado home?

We all have our own answers to this question. Some said love (aww). Some said fresh Colorado air! Some gave strange answers we definitely can't print here. I was surprised that no one said "beer growlers as decoration"...That's something I definitely expect when walking through a local's door.

However, there were ten common objects that showed up over and over again: Dogs, for one (I guess there aren't as many cat people over here), snow shovels, chapstick and more. Overall, it seems like Colorado residents want to be prepared for both sunny and snowy weather, want to show our pride for our beloved state, and want to stay hydrated: no surprises there.

See the full list, and tell us what you agree with and what you don't in the comments below.

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