Spring break is in the air and you may be thinking about getting away. Most of the touristy places will be full of folks. I really don't mind that. It's just so nice to get out and about.

What amenities do you like most about visiting a new town?

Restaurants for sure. Also if they have a brewery that's great too.

How far do you like to travel?

If the town is within a few hours that's awesome. Just a night away so refreshing.

Where do you go for a day trip?

My husband and I like Ouray Colorado. There are many great eateries, bars, and lots of downtown shopping.

I hope you enjoy this list of less crowded places to visit. Now there are times during the year that may be crowded. Like in Palisade during the peach festival. One of my favorite events. It's held in August. They also have a big wine fest in September.

10 Places To Visit Without The Crowds In Colorado

Colorado Small Towns

Stay In This 'OMG' Dome Home in One of Colorado's Smallest Towns

This delightful Airbnb can be found in the "OMG" category at airbnb.com. Seriously, they have an "OMG" category.

The one-bed, one-bath dwelling can be found in Crestone, Colorado, population 138. Where is Crestone? You'll find it 49 miles north of Alamosa.
Airbnb.com states, "The dome interior is soothing and nurturing, with natural plaster walls and adobe floor, and curved spaces that recirculate air and energy. Situated in open forests, transitional between alpine and high desert ecotones, the air can be absolutely still, the sky spacious, and at other times subject to sun and storm. Deer abound, coyotes howl. Winding paths lead through the open forest to Rangsal Yeshe stupa (15 minutes).".


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