If you're looking to go on a Colorado bar crawl anytime soon, I found some spots for us to hit. I love places with history and cool spots to check out, and there's just something about an old bar that's intriguing to me. There's something about stepping up to a bar in a place that's been around forever that gives the experience a certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe it's thinking about the history of the shelves, the characters that have stepped in through the doors and the amount of drinks that have been served, along with the conversations that the walls have overheard.

According to OutthereColorado.com, these are some of the oldest bars in Colorado.

Having now digitally perused 10 of the oldest bars in our great state of Colorado, I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited to explore and check them out. OBVIOUSLY, we'll take our time and make sure we have a safe place to stay. We don't want to be cruising around the state buzzed, because that would put a damper on the whole project.

But otherwise, next time you're taking a road trip and you're close to any of these spots, you may want to check out one of these cool old bars and take in all the history that goes along with them.


The 10 Oldest Bars in Colorado

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