Today’s biggest rock stars are handing off their passion to the next generation! Like true heroes, these 10 bands invited kids onstage to jam with them in front of hundreds or even thousands of people.

It seems like once these rockers got to a monumental point in their careers, they wanted to give back. Everyone who has ever strummed a guitar or bashed a drum kit can look back to an idol who inspired them. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong gives lucky fans the opportunity to join the band onstage every night, but in this instance, Armstrong reached out to a very young guitarist. Unsure at first if the kid knew the chords to “Jesus of Suburbia,” Billie kept a close eye on this youngster, but quickly understood the guitarist knew what he was doing.

Metallica have been known to invite hoards of kids onstage to rock out with them. In this Loud List, you’ll see a group take hold of each instrument and jam “Seek & Destroy” with the thrash legends. One guitarist was hardly bigger than the axe itself! But he strapped it onto his shoulder and rocked the lead riff like a pro… in front of an arena crowd, no less.

You’ll even see some musicians invite their own kids to jam with them. Dave Grohl gave his daughter a thrill by letting her drum on a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” at a Foo Fighters gig in Iceland, while Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker handed off the sticks to his son, proving that talent certainly does run in the family.

Check out these 10 Heartwarming Times Rock Stars Invited Kids Onstage in the Loud List above!

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