Having a hard time shopping for the 420-friendly female in your life? Don't worry. You don't have to buy her weed.

Though, I'm sure she'd love you forever if you did.

But while the rest of the country thinks everyone in Colorado buys and smokes pot, you and I know that's just not the case. You might have friends or kids or parents that smoke pot but don't feel totally comfortable buying marijuana for them, and that's fine. I found some cannabis-themed gifts on Etsy that she (or even he) will love, too. Check them out below! 

Marijuana products shown above come from Etsy users MoleculENecklacE, EmmetStreetCreations, DoughRoller, SmokiesTokeCouture, LucidSkyVintage, LumiereCandleCompany, StrawberryCoughs, MakeYourBathTheBomb, and RebelFoxBoutique.